Message from the President

To All Our Valued Partners,

Time indeed is a luxury that no one has, it is so abundant yet is also so fleeting. This 2019, Basic Pharmaceutical is heading towards its 28th year in the market and much like in the years past, we remain very much optimistic of what the future brings. While we do not deny that problems in the economy such as high cost of fuel and the depreciation of the Philippine Peso will negatively impact all of us, there is still much to look forward to for succeeding year. Our optimism stems from the support that you have given us throughout the years, and for that we remain eternally grateful.

Our wish is that for the years that will follow, not only shall our partnership get stronger, but we will also continue to be successful, together. After all, it is through this shared success that we are able to contribute to nation building and to the aspiration of every single Filipino that the Philippines become great again.

Once again, our sincerest gratitude for all your support this 2018 and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019.



Mrs. Teresita T. Chan