28 Years of Caring for a Healthy and Productive Nation

Twenty Seven years have passed since Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) started its operations back in August of 1991. Back then, goals were easier, aspirations were modest and dreams were simpler. Fast-forward to 2019 and today, Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation carries the dreams and aspirations of a workforce of almost 100. Indeed, a lot has changed from its humble beginnings but all those changes were for the betterment of everyone in BPC.

Basic Pharmaceutical's dreams and aspirations transcend mere profits as its penultimate goals are to be able to contribute in uplifting the lives of its employees, improving shareholder value, and strengthening its relationship with its business partners. It hopes to do more than its fair share of contributing towards nation building and in “helping care for a healthy and productive Filipino nation.”

“It will get tougher before it gets easier.” Such is the mindset of Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC)'s Management Team knowing full well of the daunting tasks at hand. However, the burden of fulfilling its dreams and aspirations does not rely on any single individual, but is shared by everyone in the Company that looks forward to a brighter future that is within the horizon. Together, BPC can make things happen.

In the journey that it wishes to embark on, Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) and its people remain firmly grounded by its values and principles. These values serve as a guiding light for the Company and its people so that it does not go astray from the path chosen, these values shall see BPC through.

In the next few years Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) shall embark on a rapid expansion program that is geared towards tapping its potential. It shall include an investment program to further enhance its capabilities as an organization and maximize the returns on its assets. Twenty Seven years is more than enough time to wait the awakening of a sleeping giant.

New products also remain on the horizon. Basic Pharmaceutical (BPC) is currently updating its product portfolio to include products that remain very much relevant with the market. True to its mantra, BPC shall strive to provide quality and affordable products to the Filipino people.

In a lot of ways, Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) is also looking at expanding its existing office space to accommodate its expansion plans. This will not only allow more products, but also complement the increase in manpower to support its operations moving forward.

Automation of its operations is currently underway. This is seen to quicken lead-time in our processes, do away with bottlenecks that hinder our operations and enhance internal controls leading to improved customer satisfaction.

A part from motivating and developing its own people, Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) also hopes to attract fresh talents that will further serve as the catalyst for the Company's growth. BPC remains earnest in its belief that these people whom they will nurture will become the future leaders of BPC who will safeguard its future while keeping its values and principles intact.

As we like to say, “BPC is your home away from home.” At Basic Pharma, we treat everyone with the warmth and respect reserved for your most loved members of the family. Bonding activities with one another through gatherings, trips out of town or even abroad, only serve to further reinforce our relationship with one another.

The passion for excellence is our lifestyle and very much indoctrinated in our culture. Despite numerous obstacles, we, at Basic Pharma constantly strive to maximize our capabilities to not only honor our commitments but also to deliver them on time.

While Basic Pharmaceutical Corporation (BPC) respects one's own individual beliefs, the men and women that make Basic Pharmaceutical always makes sure to put God at the center of everything that we do. There is no prescribed religious doctrine in Basic Pharma; only respect for one's belief in an eternal being that is responsible for everything around us.